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Services I Offer

During your free consultation we’ll be able to easily determine whether hypnotherapy or life coaching (or a combination of both) will be most helpful for you as you create positive changes in your life.

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Hypnotherapy is a trance-like state which facilitates personal transformation. It can help you deal with many life challenges such as stress, phobias, anxiety, trauma, and negative habits such as smoking or nail biting. Fill out the contact form for your free consultation.

Life Coaching

While hypnotherapy works on the inner, subconscious level, life coaching is helpful for making external changes in your life. Whether you're going after a huge goal, or dealing with great change in your life, with a coach's support you'll be able to make positive changes more quickly and joyfully. Fill out the contact form for your free consultation.

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Lynate Pettengill, CH

Lynate Pettengill is a Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach. She has worked with clients for over 15 years, providing support and encouragement as they've created positive change in their life. Lynate has completed training with Eastburn Hypnotherapy and Coach University and has a BS in Sociology from Truman State University. 

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.”

Emma Smith

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